John Waller writes: In 1966, my half-brother Peter, a friend of Gerald Durrell who you will meet, invited my wife Jannie and me to Corfu. We built a little house above the deserted west coast in 1970. We see sketches of the island in those days by Theresa Nicholas. In later years, we walked the Corfu Trail up the west coast and across the mountains in the north of the island, with founders of the Trail, Hilary Paipeti and Fried Aumann, who guest in this film. In the spring the island is covered in flowers.

We see the landscapes that Edward Lear painted and sketched 100 years before. Much is unchanged. Homer wrote that Odysseus landed on the wild west coast on his way home to Ithaca. We trace his visit to our island. We hear about the Peloponnesian Wars, which started in Corfu.